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Image courtesy of Belmond

Always wanted to discover the Americas? Looking for an adventure? From celestial events to unique festivals, we've found five seriously spectacular things to experience across the continent in 2017. 

RAAS Devigarh’s impressive green marble pool

An intoxicating mix of colour, chaos and culture make this northern Indian state a must-visit. From its capital of Jaipur to the rural village of Chanoud, these are the destinations you need to include on your itinerary.

Sabah is home to the endangered orangutan – image by Kjersti Joergensen

First-time visitors to Sabah (on the northern edge of the mystical island of Borneo) will be charmed by its capital city, seduced by its golden beaches and captivated by its wildlife.

50 Amazing Things To Do In Australia


Australia is like one, big playground of cultural festivals, food odysseys and wildlife wonders. The scenery’s not too shabby either. Get amongst it all and make 2017 the year of your very own Australian adventure, with these 50 incredible experiences. Check out this awesome guide, as featured in our Autumn/Winter 2017 edition of Holidays for Couples magazine. 

Discover another side of Scotland by kayak

The song ‘Four Seasons In One Day’ could have been penned specially for Scotland, where its extraordinary beauty can go hand in hand with some crazy, unpredictable weather. But even that doesn’t get in the way of most people enjoying the wildness of the West Coast – there is a certain thrill in watching a squall rolling in low and grey from the Atlantic.


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